Top 5 Quick & Simple Small Closet Hacks

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When you look at your closet, do you see all your favorite articles of clothing that fit and are worn often, neatly organized?  Or do you see a sea of unidentifiable items jammed into a cramped space?  If you live in a small space, your closet is valuable real estate that can be easily managed with a few quick and easy small closet hacks to get your closet organized.

The idea of organizing your closet usually feels so daunting that you chalk it up to a Future You task.  For a day when you have a lot of time on your hands, when you feel productive and when you have nothing to do.  FYI:  That day will never come, so you might as well pick a day, grab this list and start implementing the following small closet hacks to get your closet organized and under control.

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As an event planner in my previous life, I wasn’t the only one that had to be organized. I also needed my staff and my clients to also be organized.  In order to get them organized, I needed systems in place.  “Systems” have spilled into my daily life and have made living in a small space more manageable.  Closet organization is one area of a small home that benefits from having systems in place.

Like having a morning routine, implementing a workflow system for your closet will maintain an organized closet, full of items that fit, that you love and that you wear regularly.


Taking your closet from jumbled mess to streamlined and organized will start with a good old fashioned declutter sesh.  Go through your closet and take out pieces that you don’t wear or don’t fit.  These can be donated to a charity shop or friend, sold online or to a consignment store, or may just be beyond repair and need to be thrown out.

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If you live in a location with distinct seasons, maintaining a seasonal wardrobe is probably something you do unknowingly.  But do you switch your closet over each season, or do you just wear different clothes?  With each new season, take out clothes you won’t be wearing anymore and cycle in the next season’s wardrobe.  By having only the clothes you will be wearing for the next few months within sight, your closet will be organized with everything you need for the season and nothing you don’t.  


At the end of each season, it’s a great time to take clothes to the dry cleaner, or tailor, or donate items that no longer fit.  If you do this at the end of each season, you’ll be ready when it comes back around next year.

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If you live in a small space, you know the value of a good storage container. It could be a cute wicker basket, a sleek clear plastic container or a bamboo box.  Whatever it is, when you find what works for you, you get a little sparkle in your eye.  Organizing your closet is the same.  Not all closets are made equal.  You may have shelves that need boxes or dividers, or drawers that need organization, or a floor that is calling for a shoe rack. 

Some of my favorite closet organization items


Maximizing space in a small closet usually means finding storage opportunities in unlikely places.  My favorite small closet hack is to use vertical space to maximize your closet’s real estate.  

  1.  Try putting storage bins on the top shelf.  If it’s really tall, maybe you can double stack them.  This is a great area for seldom-used items, or out of season wardrobe pieces that you don’t need regular access to. 
  2. Is there unused space on the floor?  Build it up with a shoe rack for your most frequently worn shoes.
  3. Does your door swing open?  Add storage to it!  A hanging shoe rack can be used for shoes but think outside the box and use it for jewellery or scarves. It would be great in winter for mitts and hats.
  4. Add in an over the door coat rack to the front and/or back for quick access items like robes, coats, towels or bags. 
  5. Add in a hanging vertical shelving unit for folded items like sweaters or pants

Some of my favourite vertical options

At some point in the day, we all (hopefully) get dressed.  When your closet is organized, that is a calming experience, a great way to start the day.  The small closet hacks listed in this article are a roadmap to a simpler start to each day.  By implementing these small closet hacks into your space, the hidden behind your closet doors will be an organized space that best utilizes every inch of valuable real estate in your small space.

Has this article fuelled the fire of getting your closet organized?  Download my free e-book “Organize your closet in a day” and take that jumbled mess into an organized space today. 

Free ebook - How to organize your closet in a day
Free ebook – How to organize your closet in a day

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